Vibrant Patriotic Water Tank Protected With FEVE Coating

Houston County Tank Georgia Tnemec Fluoronar Lumiflon FEVE Resin Carter & Sloope
The Houston Country elevated tank is a public display of stripes and stars that towers over Houston County, Georgia. The 500,000-gallon tank features an eye-catching arrangement of red, white, and blue, reminiscent of the nation’s signature colors. The county’s name can be found emblazoned down the stem of the tank in white, bold letters. The other side of the stem reads “EDIMGIAFAD,” whic...

Beach Ball-Themed Water Tank With Hydroflon Coating Turns Heads

marion county south carolina water tank tnemec hydroflon bp barber and associates
On Route 51, a water tank painted to look like a giant inflatable beach ball is perched high above Marion County, SC. The water tank is divided into sections, each portion given a coating of either red, yellow, or blue. Emblazoned across the tank in a brilliant red print is “Marion County,” followed by the county slogan “It’s just right!” in an elegant blue script. The vibrant beach ball design had received a Hydronflon finish coat that would ensure the high profile project remained in pristine condition under intense conditions.

Hydroflon Coatings With FEVE Resin Technology Protect Colorful Water Tanks Around St. Robert, Missouri

St Robert, Missouri Water Tank, Tnemec, Ozark Applicators, Hydroflon, LUMIFLON FEVE Resin
Utilizing Tnemec’s advanced fluoropolymer coating system, the St. Robert, Missouri water tank embodies its advertising slogan, “Put a Tiger in Your Tank.” The tank is completely enveloped in orange with black tiger stripes. The slogan, and the tank’s design, was interestingly the work of Steve Long , public works Director of the City of St. Robert....