NSW Public School Redeveloped Into Modern Learning Facility For Students And Staff

Epping Public School, NWS, Grindley
The Epping Public School in New South Wales (NSW) was designed by NBRS Architecture. The school’s redevelopment modernized the facility by creating additional spaces to accommodate an influx of new students. Increasing the school’s capacity by over 700, the new three-story building features a library, special programs room, and 22 flexible classrooms.

Wahroonga Preparatory School’s Colorful Façade Sports Lumiflon-Enriched Fiber Cement Panels

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Wahroonga Preparatory School is not a building that can be easily missed. This eye-catching structure lies in Australia, tucked between the St. John’s Uniting Church Group. The church group is listed as a significant State Heritage that is protected under the New South Wales government. This particular complex houses all of the original buildings, which are all in pristine condition.