Technologies Building At Nottingham University Features Colorful Color-Changing Façade

University of Nottingham, Energy Technologies Building, ETB, Maber Architects
The Energy Technologies Building at Nottingham University specializes in the research and development of sustainable energy technologies. Designed by the architects at Maber, the building is exceptionally energy efficient, producing enough energy to heat the neighboring Institute of Mental Health. The building is the first of its kind, a zero carbon in-use laboratory.

Prefabricated Pods Provide Colorful And Sustainable Alternative To Traditional Education Design

Huntingtower School, STEM Lab, HARWYN Modular Pods, Australia
Harwyn modular pods have revolutionized home office design to meet the demands of the competitive Australian housing market. The original pod was designed to create individualized, compact space for the at-home worker attempting to balance professional and home life. The designs are the collaborative efforts of founder, Jason Fremder, and Selwyn Blackstone.

Canadian Architects Revamp Drab Building Using Colorful And Sustainable Design

Fleming College Sutherland Campus, Gow Hastings Architects, Photography Tom Arban
The Fleming College’s Sutherland Campus in Peterborough, Ontario was originally built in the early 1970s. Established by Ron Thom, Thompson Berwick, and Pratt and Partners, the college’s “gateway” was in need of a massive redesign. The main facility, the 76,000 square-foot A-Wing Building, was recently updated by the educational specialists at Gow Hastings Architects.