Riverboat Casino Exterior Renewed With Lumiflon Coating System

Lumiflon, Tnemec, Grand Victoria Riverboat Casino, Coatings, Restoration, FEVE Resins, Tecorp Inc.
The owners of the Riverboat Casino sought a long-life coating system that would not require yearly maintenance, contacting Tecorp, Inc., for the restoration. Using Tnemec’s coating products, including Fluoronar, a Lumiflon FEVE fluoropolymer based high performance coating, the Grand Victoria Riverboat Casino enjoys a fresh, bright exterior that is proven to last for decades with little-to-no maintenance required.

Lumiflon Powder Coating Enhances Residential Property Handrails

IFS Coatings, Lumiflon FEVE Resins, Quality Powder Coating, Cirque Condos, Powder Coatings
For the construction of the Cirque Condos in Dallas, Texas, the building owners required long-term aesthetic and functional protection on the aluminum handrails for individual condominium balconies. Quality Powder Coating was chosen to apply IFS Coatings’ IFS 500FP powder coating with Lumiflon FEVE fluoropolymer resins, which meet and exceed the AAMA 2605 specification.

FEVE Fluoropolymer Coating Prefabricated Onto Financial Building’s Panels

Coarchitecture, FEVE Fluoropolymer Resin, Lumiflon, Akzo Nobel, Interpon, D3000, Architecture, Curtain Wall
Designed by architecture firm, Coarchitecture, the Desjardins building in De Bourgogne, Quebec is a multi-use, four-story building that sits atop a parking garage. The design marries form and function, with an emphasis on “large windows to allow for natural lighting to the central core.” The building’s facade utilizes aluminum panels that are coated with Akzo Nobel’s Interpon D3000 coatings; Lumiflon FEVE-based powder coatings with unparalleled durability and color retention characteristics.