Local Artist Redesigns Muscatine Water Tower Representative Of The Iowa Town

City of Muscatine, Water Tower, David Hotle, Muscatine Journal
The Iowa Finance Authority hosted an “It’s in the Water” contest in 2019 with the grand prize locality winner receiving a custom water tank. The City of Muscatine won the contest, announced at the Iowa State Fair, in late 2019. The Iowa Finance Authority commissioned local artist, Laura Palmer, for the tower’s design.

Lumiflon Guest Blog: Reducing the Carbon Footprint of Buildings

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Climate change is the result of increasing greenhouse gasses and carbon emissions. Buildings generate nearly 40% of those emissions. The measurement of these greenhouse gasses and carbon emissions determine a building’s carbon footprint. As architects and engineers, we have the ability to affect climate change by how we design and construct buildings. The best way to determine how well we are pr...