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A LUMIFLON-based coating:

  • Resists degradation due to weathering and exposure to ambient chemicals
  • Over the course of many years, loses little of its thickness
  • Keeps corrosion initiators from getting past the topcoat and degrading the zinc-rich primer underneath
  • Has an estimated coating life of 60 years or more


Because LUMIFLON-based coatings offer crisp, clean colors and a wide range of glosses, designers and builders choose them to achieve a superior look from day one. And with LUMIFLON’s ability to resist UV degradation, corrosion, and the ill-effects of chemical exposure, projects using LUMIFLON continue looking good for years to come with little or no maintenance required. That means markedly less fading, discoloration or chalking for the life of the coating – which is estimated at up to 60 years!


  • Ambient or elevated temperature cure – field or shop applied coatings
  • Solvent soluble – clean crisp colors and a wide gloss range
  • Versatile – solvent grade, solid, water based and powder coating resins offered
  • OH functional – polyurethane chemistry, use standard paint equipment
  • Fluoropolymer segments-ultra-weatherable and corrosion resistant
  • Longer life cycle – up to 60 years

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