Enigma On The Park, Toronto, Quadrangle Architects, Aragon Properties

Architectural Coatings: High Performance for Expansive, Sustainable Design
Live airing on November 25, 2020 – 12:00pm to 1:00pm
Sponsored by AGC Chemicals Americas, Inc.
Presented by Kristen Blankenship, LUMIFLON


In this one-hour course, we will discover the strengths and advantages of fluoropolymer topcoats. We will evaluate coating performance tests including accelerated weathering and real-time weathering and what the implications are for the life of different coatings. We will explore the many design possibilities that FEVE provides and assess the benefits of topcoats despite their higher initial cost compared to other topcoat formulations.

Learning Objectives:
-Define FEVE coating and examine the forms and finishes available to meet a host of varied application environments safely
-Discuss the characteristics of the four main types of FEVE resins and explain how they are positively contributing to a healthier environment
-Explore how the composition of FEVE promotes and improved indoor air quality efforts
-Analyze case studies to see how FEVE are helping to reduce hazardous wastes while increasing the life-cycle of buildings.

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