TRFA 2013 Annual Meeting Lumiflon USA Talk October

resins are a unique class of fluorinated resins used in the formulation of various organic coatings.  FEVE resins have been studied in 2K for various applications.  In an effort to respond to the coatings industry’s need for more environmentally friendly alternatives, two types of waterborne FEVE resins were developed.  In this study three coatings based on FEVE resins, two waterborne and one solventborne, were tested for performance properties including accelerated weathering.  The results show that a waterborne 2K fluorourethane coating based on a FEVE dispersion exhibits excellent after 5000 hours QUV-B weathering testing as compared to the more traditional solventborne system.

Presentation Details:
Thermoset Resin Formulators Association
Annual Meeting
October 1, 2013
Hyatt Regency Newport
Newport, Rhode Island

With the need for an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional coatings, LUMIFLON resins were produced and became a leader in the market due to their long life cycle. Our topcoats can last 30 years without degradation, reducing the need for reapplication, and resulting in a more sustainable alternative. Since the greenest buildings are those that never get built, our clear topcoat can also be applied to existing structures, minimizing the need for reapplication or reconstruction.

Of the four types of LUMIFLON resins, three – solid, powder, and emulsion-grade — contain zero volatile organic compounds, meeting the most stringent green building criteria in the United States.

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