LUMIFLON FEVE Resin, Coss y Leon Office Materials Distribution Center, Mitsubishi Plastics Composites America

Fluorinated resins are known for high performance, particularly in long term, exterior .  Fluoroethylene vinyl ether or FEVE resins, a family of fluorinated resins, have a unique alternating copolymer structure allowing them to be dissolved in solvent as well as emulsified in water for formulating liquid coatings.  As environmental initiatives are becoming less compulsory and industry is taking proactive measures to protect the environment, waterborne and high solids paint is ever increasing in demand.  New information regarding formulating techniques using FEVE resins in waterborne paint formulations and high solids coatings will be presented by Kristen Blankenship at the upcoming Waterborne Symposium, held in New Orleans on February 13th, 2015.  The studies she will discuss encompass both 1K and 2K formulations and focus on pigment choice, dispersant type, coalescing agents, and methods of altering gloss.  Results of the many tests that measure critical properties of high performance coatings will also be presented.  Testing includes water resistance, chemical resistance, vapor permeability, solar reflectance properties, mold resistance, and flexibility along with and accelerated weathering.  Formulations based on blends of FEVE resins with other polyols, like acrylic polyols and polyester diols will also be explored.

Presentation Details:
The Waterborne Symposium
New Orlean Sheraton, Louisiana
February 9-13, 2015

4 Replies to “Lumiflon FEVE resins at the 2015 Waterborne Symposium in New Orleans”

  1. We wish to use FEVE resin. Kindly let us know how to proceed with it.

    with kind regards.

    Pramod Pathak

  2. We would like to use Lumiflon product for our product. In India, where i can get this?

  3. We are interested on your waterbased Florida resin coating technology,pls offer more details of ur product to us . Thanks ….

  4. Where do we get this here in Washington state??

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