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What Are Some Major Differences Bbetween PTFE And FEVE Based Coatings?

PTFE is considered a true fluoropolymer while FEVE resins are alternating copolymers of vinyl ether and fluoroethylene monomers. PTFE coatings offer the ultimate in barrier and protective properties, but they are limited by application. They tend to require high heat to cure and also are traditionally only available in powder form. FEVE offers the high performance of a fluoropolymer with the usability of a traditional resin for paint. The vinyl ether portion of the copolymer allows for solubility in solvents and the regularly alternating structure insures that the fluoroethylene performs. PTFE coatings are ideal for extremely harsh environments, like pipe linings. FEVE resins are best suited for applications requiring high performance in outdoor environments while maintaining aesthetics like high gloss and brilliant color.

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