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Is It Important To Screen Every Raw Material That Goes Into a LUMIFLON-based Formulation?

This is a question that comes across my desk every now and then. Most of the manufacturing plants for coatings have a stock number of raw materials that are included in the majority of formulations they manufacture on a regular basis. These are the raw materials that will be chosen for any new formulation if the formulation requires that type of ingredient. I have no problem with this approach when it comes to constructing a starting point formulation for a LUMIFLON-based coating. Bringing in a whole new inventory of raw materials for a small percentage of a plant’s production will not sit very well with the production staff and the purchasing agents. However, I will not promise that there won’t be surprises when some standard ingredients and/or typical amounts are employed in LUMIFLON-based coatings. For these coatings, it is always wise to assume nothing. Thorough laboratory testing for compatibility and long term stability are necessary to insure that your formulation won’t disappoint the customer in the field. In addition, AGCCA’s technical service laboratory in Exton, PA is creating new formulations every day – finding out what works and what doesn’t work. We are only a phone call or email away.

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