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How Important Are UV Absorbers In LUMIFLON Formulations?

This is a question that is often asked by potential customers for LUMIFLON resins. They wonder how much protection is provided by a LUMIFLON resin for the other ingredients in the formulation – namely colored pigments and other non-fluorinated resins. In my experience, the protection that a LUMIFLON resin will give to other ingredients is hard to measure. I have noticed that organic pigments that are sensitive to UV degradation also need UV absorbers in the formulation to protect them from losing their color. Whether or not these UV absorbers are given additional protection from degradation by the presence of a LUMIFLON resin has yet to be determined. As far as protection for non-fluorinated resins, there seems to be some credence to the proclamation that these resins will perform better in the presence of LUMIFLON resins. I have tested formulations containing only 20% of the total binder as a LUMIFLON resin and have seen dramatic differences in both gloss retention and also the condition of the paint film after extensive UV exposure. However, it is important to understand that LUMIFLON resins cannot prevent UV radiation from penetrating through a film that is composed of LUMIFLON resins. UV absorbers are necessary to stop this penetration in clearcoat formulations. Otherwise, the UV radiation can deteriorate the substrate beneath the clearcoat and cause delamination of the coating.

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