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Frequently Asked Questions


What is LUMIFLON LF810?

LUMIFLON LF810 is a fluorinated resin utilizing FEVE technology. It is supplied at 45% solids in Mineral Spirits. Another version, LF810Y is supplied in Xylene.

How Is LUMIFLON Used In Coatings?

LUMIFLON LF810 is used as a resin in coatings. It can be used alone or blended with other resins such as acrylics and alkyds. It has low OH functionality and therefore is an excellent choice for 1K coatings.

Does LUMIFLON LF810 Cure Through Oxidative Drying?

No. LUMIFLON LF810 does not require driers or catalysts.

Are There Any Special Requirements When Formulating With LUMIFLON LF810?

No. LUMIFLON LF810 can be formulated like any other solventborne resin.

What Are Some Applications Where Coatings Formulated With LUMIFLON LF810 Are Used?

Coatings made with LF810 can be used in a variety of applications covering many markets. Some examples include wood varnishes, deck stains, and metal railings.

What Are The Benefits Of A 1K Solventborne Coating Made With LUMIFLON LF810?

LUMIFLON LF810 is a resin based on FEVE technology. This technology has excellent resistance to UV light degradation. Formulations made with LUMIFLON LF810 are superior choices for exterior applications where UV light exposure is a concern.

How Readily Available Are FEVE Coatings? Can We Specify An FEVE Finish And Expect That Local Subcontractors Can Provide And Install?

There are several prominent coatings manufacturers who fabricate these coatings in the USA. They are all active in AIA activities, specifically the trade shows. However, because of the higher cost of FEVE coatings, these manufacturers will only use qualified applicators to minimize the probability of errors.

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