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Can LUMIFLON Resins Be Used In One Component Coatings?

Since we have often referred to LUMIFLON resins as polyols, most paint chemists naturally assume that every formulation that uses a LUMIFLON resin needs to be a 2 component coating. Actually, there are three types of coating formulations that can be created which are one-component in nature.

The first is a traditional baking finish that can employ either an amino resin as the crosslinker or a blocked isocyanate performing this same duty. This opens the door for the formulation modification of standard resin systems which will add an increased level of weatherability to the finish. These coatings will also showed improvement in chemical resistance.

The second type is your typical water-based air-dry emulsion coating that has found its way into numerous markets since its inception in the late 1940s. There are 2 LUMIFLON emulsions that can take part in these formulations – FE4300 and FE4400. Their mechanism for forming a film is identical to the other emulsion types that reside in the coatings for these markets – coalescing of the emulsion particles with organic solvents. Depending on the market that has been targeted, these LUMIFLON emulsions have also shown a good level of compatibility with all types of acrylic emulsions.

The third type of one-component coating which can be formulated is a solvent-based air dry lacquer or an oxidizing alkyd-type coating. The LF810 resin is a higher molecular weight polymer that is available in solution form. Again, this resin can be used as a modifying polymer which will boost the weatherability of these formulations. Both pigmented finishes and clearcoats can be made, depending on what market area is targeted. It is, however, important to remember that LUMIFLON resins cannot absorb UV energy. In order to protect the substrate of a clearcoat finish, UV absorbers must be in the formulation.

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