Houston County Tank Georgia Tnemec Fluoronar Lumiflon FEVE Resin Carter & Sloope

The Houston Country elevated tank is a public display of stripes and stars that towers over Houston County, Georgia. The 500,000-gallon tank features an eye-catching arrangement of red, white, and blue, reminiscent of the nation’s signature colors. The county’s name can be found emblazoned down the stem of the tank in white, bold letters. The other side of the stem reads “EDIMGIAFAD,” which is an acronym for “Every Day In Middle Georgia Is Armed Forces Appreciation Day.” Tommy Stalnaker, Chairman of the Houston County Board of Commissioners, explains that the ’s America-themed design was “done to show the patriotism in [the] community.”

The objective of the project was to upgrade the previous coating system that had been put in place. After assessing the condition of the tank, it was determined that an overcoat system would be best for the project.

Chad Sipe of consulting engineers Carter & Sloope described the process, stating, “We first verified that this tank qualified for an overcoat system. Then we went to work specifying a high-performance coating system appropriate for the highly visible location of the tank.”

After preparing the tank’s surface, Tnemec’s Series 700 was applied to the tank in Old Glory Blue, Old Glory Red, and Tnemec White. Tnemec coatings consultant with Southeastern Resources Inc., Dean Drehoff, explained the project team’s coating choice.
“The project team chose Series 700 Hydroflon as the tank’s finish coat. The finish has protected countless tanks—in our area and elsewhere—from the effects of UV light degradation.”

The high-performance fluoropolymer employs Lumiflon resin that prevents chalking, fading, and coating degradation. The color and of FEVE-based fluoropolymers offers coatings an unparalleled experience in which the coating is expected to remain intact for decades.

“The town, the utility department, and the [applicators] are very happy with the patriotic overcoat,” Drehoff shared.

In 2016, the Houston County water tank was selected as the 2016 People’s Choice Tank of the Year.

Information and photos courtesy of Tnemec

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