Aura Boulevard Bridge A&I Coatings Vitreflon Caloundra South Queensland Patrick Woods Photography

A well-constructed bridge can either make or break a community. These days, the general public are in dire need of improvements. are crumbling, and maintenance of these structures seems to be lacking. A well-used structure like a bridge should always be built with high quality materials, from the assets that are used to form the bridge structure to the that are used on the completed bridge’s surface.

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All steps in bridge building are important, especially application. An excellent coatings system is one that offers durability, weatherability, and color and gloss retention. These structures are constantly exposed to UV radiation, moisture, salt, and other elemental deterrents that compromise the structural integrity of a bridge. Often times, coating degradation manifests in fading, chalking, and other forms that are caused by a variety of elemental factors. The key to preventing coating failure is to implement an advanced coatings system that can withstand exposure. It also helps to use a system that not only offers longevity but also requires little maintenance and can be easily applied in the field. There are some that have heavy traffic and temporarily closing these bridges down for maintenance isn’t practical, so the next best option would be to use a system that can be easily applied in the field.

Lumiflon resin offers a plethora of benefits for bridge application.

Castle Bridge Finzels Reach Bristol England UK Bush Consultancy Architect CTS Bridges Vitreflon AI Coatings Lumiflon FEVE Resin

Castle Bridge is a pedestrian bridge that was recently added to the Finzels Reach development in Brisbane, Australia. The structure’s main function was to connect the Finzels Reach community to neighboring Castle Bridge. A&I Coatings’ Vitreflon, a Lumiflon-enriched system, was applied to the painted steelwork and hardwood decking.

Milan Expo Bridge 2015 Italy Citerrio Milano Patricia Viel and Partners Lumiflon FEVE Resin

In 2015, Lumiflon was applied to the Milan Expo Bridge, a gorgeous cable-stayed bridge that is characterized by its series of striking arches. The bridge provided easy access to Expo 2015, which took place in Italy and received on average 120,000-150,000 vehicles daily. Because of the heavy traffic, Lumiflon was the best fit for the bridge, as it could be applied in the field without creating an inconvenience to drivers.

Aura Boulevard Bridge A&I Coatings Vitreflon Caloundra South Queensland Patrick Woods Photography

Lumiflon was also featured in the Aura Boulevard Bridge, a major project that worked to develop the Sunshine Coast’s Aura community. A&I Coatings’ was featured on the colorful embellishments on the bridge that give the structure a lovely wave of color. The Lumiflon-based system will remain in pristine condition for an extended period of time, despite the elemental obstacles that arrive in the form of corrosion, UV radiation and moisture.

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