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Award-Winning LEED School Features Lumiflon Resin Based Coating

The new Crossroads School is Norfolk, Virginia’s first LEED silver certified school. The new building is enveloped in 53,000 square-feet of ALPOLIC’s Mist White Aluminum aluminum composite material. The ACM cladding has also been coated in Lumiflon FEVE resin to protect the exterior from UV radiation and other elemental deterrents like wind, water, and salt. The low-VOC production from the Lumiflon coating also makes usage of the product beneficial for green efforts. Continue reading Read More

PPG Coraflon’s Long-lasting FEVE Retains Color And Gloss For The George W. Bush Presidential Center

The George W. Bush Presidential Center in Dallas is a magnificent structure that stands at the intersection of modern architecture and environmental responsibility. Former President Bush emphasized the importance of constructing a building that both focused on aesthetics and the preservation of the natural world, which is why PPG’s Coraflon was used for this project. With its low VOCs and durable resin that will protect the color and gloss of the building against hot and humid Texan climate, Coraflon was the ideal choice for the presidential center. Continue reading Read More

The Rising Popularity of FEVE Resins For Roof Recoatings

While Lumiflon fluoropolymer resin coatings can be used for an array of applications, they are seeing increased use for standing seam metal roof restorations. When factory baked-on coatings of these roofs prematurely fail, building owners typically seek recoating versus a costly roof replacement. To satisfy the most demanding requirements from building owners, contractors have turned to Lumiflon FEVE resin based coatings; while popular amongst high performance building projects, these coatings provide the most durable, long lasting, factory like finishes that have proven to exceed their life-cycle expectations. Continue reading Read More