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Upcoming Webinar: Extending Infrastructure Life Using FEVE Bridge Coatings

In this one hour course, we will discover the strengths and advantages of FEVE fluoropolymer topcoats for both new bridges and maintenance re-coating of existing bridges. We will review the decades-long history of real-time and accelerated testing of FEVE fluoropolymer coatings in Japan due to their extensive use on bridge infrastructure. We will also assess the life-cycle cost advantage of FEVE topcoat despite its higher initial cost compared to other topcoat formulations. Continue reading Read More

FEVE Resins Respond To The Limitations of Fluoropolymers in Coatings

Perhaps the best known fluoropolymer resin used for coatings is polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF). This resin is supplied as a dispersion in a high boiling solvent, usually blended with an acrylic resin at a 70/30 fluoropolymer/acrylic ratio. PVDF is typically applied as a coil coating, requiring processing at high temperatures in a plant setting to successfully form a protective coating. PVDF has been used successfully in architectural coatings for over 40 …Read More

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