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Tank of the Year Winner Flies Above Competition With FEVE Coating

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Every year, Tnemec holds its Tank of the Year competition, where people can nominate tanks with stellar designs, and coatings, and vote on which water tank is the best. “This is the 11th anniversary of the Tank of the Year competition, which recognizes the most impressive coatings projects in the water tank industry,” says Doug Hansen, water tank market director of Tnemec, “This year, 246 water tanks were nominated from across the US and Canada. We are thrilled with how the contest has grown year after year due to individual committees supporting their local water tanks.”

Of the 12 finalists nominated for the award, only one made the cut, rising to the top to claim its place as this year’s victor. This year’s winner is the municipal tank of Ann Arbor, Michigan. The 500,000 gallon elevated tank was also the winner of the city’s “Art in the Sky” contest, a competition that received almost 600 entries from Ann Arbor’s residents. The award-winning design embellishing Ann Arbor’s tank depicts various indigenous birds, spreading their wings and taking flight.

“The Ann Arbor water tower was repainted this year using a design that depicts various birds in flight, as well as fish swimming in the Huron River, which supplies drinking water to Ann Arbor,” Hanson explains, “The design was the winning entry in the city’s ‘Art in the Sky’ public art contest that drew nearly 600 entries from city residents of all ages.”

The vibrant tank has received a coating of Tnemec’s Series 700 Hydroflon, a fluoropolymer that utilizes Lumiflon FEVE resin technology. The resin technology within the coating system contributes to the fluoropolymer’s unrivaled color and gloss retention capabilities, which is ideal for a high-profile project like the Ann Arbor tank.

Photo courtesy of Tnemec
Information courtesy of Tnemec and Coatings Pro Magazine

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