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Stunning Healthcare Facility Features Lumiflon Enhanced ACM

Riverside Doctors Hospital Williamsburg Virginia CallisonRTKL ALPOLIC ACM Lumiflon FEVE Resin

The Riverside Health System has been serving the residents of Hampton Roads, Virginia for nearly a century. Since its opening, Riverside has emerged as one of the most technologically advanced healthcare facilities in the United States. It was no surprise that, in 2009, construction for a new facility began in Williamsburg, Virginia after a surge of letters from the community, well over 2,000 handwritten statements, expressed a desire for a new facility.

Architects at CallisonRTKL created a design that was modern, one that could help hospital staff better provide for their patients. A mixture of traditional and modern materials were incorporated into the design, making for a visually stunning building.

The hospital was fitted with over 30,000 square-feet of ALPOLIC®’s aluminum composite material in ETT Tan. The panels, featured on the walls, canopies, and used as an accent material, employ Lumiflon FEVE resin technology. Architectural surfaces that utilize FEVE resins are provided with durability and longevity, as the high-performance coating systems offer superior weatherability and color and gloss retention, in addition to anti-corrosion properties.

This means that a high-usage building like the Riverside Doctor’s Hospital of Williamsburg that is constantly exposed to UV radiation, water, salt and other elemental deterrents that contribute to coating degradation will be able to remain in excellent condition for decades. This longevity also eliminates the need to frequently re-coat ultimately resulting in lower lifespan costs of the building as a whole.

Photo courtesy of ALPOLIC

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