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LUMIFLON FEVE Resin Used To Intensify Prismatic Color Series

LUMIFLON FEVE Resin, Gijang Fire Station, Mitsubishi Plastics Composites America
Featured Projects: Gijang Fire Station,
Coss y Leon Office & Materials Distribution Center,
Sorensen Station Parkade and Transit Terminal
Project Locations: Busan, Korea; Guadalajara, Mexico; Alberta, Canada
Product: 4mm ALPOLIC®/fr and PE
Finish: Prismatic
Coating: LUMIFLON FEVE resin

The dynamic series of ALPOLIC® Prismatic colors were developed by ALPOLIC and a coatings manufacturer using LUMIFLON FEVE resin technology. Each of the colors featured in the series has incredible depth that allows the panels to appear to change color upon visual perspective. Applied in a three-coat process, the final clear coat, with specialized mica flake, as well as the solid base coat feature LUMIFLON FEVE resin. The mica flake pigments allow for the colors’ iridescent appearance, creating a three-dimensional effect to the panels based on angle and light reflection.

The fluoropolymer technology allows each color in the prismatic series to have an intense brightness of shade and high gloss quality that lasts for 30 years without fading. Unable to achieve the same surface effect with a PVDF system, LUMIFLON was the premiere choice for the series.

LUMIFLON has been a leader in the architectural market of the coatings industry for over 25 years due to the resins’ ability to be used on a variety of substrates including steel, aluminum, fiberglass, zinc, copper, construction plastics, recycled plastics, glass, and concrete. When applied to metal composite panels, FEVE resins are the primary choice for architects seeking a wide range of bright colors with higher gloss capabilities. Due to their excellent weatherability properties, it becomes the perfect coating for exterior building envelopes and facades.

images © Mitsubishi Plastics Composites America, Inc.

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