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Architects Design Airport Convenience Center With Sustainability And Modernity In Mind

The Logan Airport Nouria Energy Convenience Center in Boston, MA features a Shell fueling station, Starbucks Coffee, and Meridian Market, a local family-owned Italian restaurant. The center, according to Nouria Energy is, “The first of its kind…the state-of-the-art store boasts a unique building architecture, brighter, more spacious layout, community-inspired graphics and many amenities…” Continue reading Read More

Canadian Architects Revamp Drab Building Using Colorful And Sustainable Design

The Fleming College’s Sutherland Campus in Peterborough, Ontario was originally built in the early 1970s. Established by Ron Thom, Thompson Berwick, and Pratt and Partners, the college’s “gateway” was in need of a massive redesign. The main facility, the 76,000 square-foot A-Wing Building, was recently updated by the educational specialists at Gow Hastings Architects. Continue reading Read More

Stunning Adaptive Reuse Project In Crystal City Features Colorful Building Protected With LUMIFLON Technology

In a stunning example of adaptive reuse, the Crystal City 6 building in Crystal City, Virginia houses modern residences in a once outdated office building. The building underwent a massive renovation in order to be repurposed for residential use. The building’s concept of “micro-units” is an idea set by WeWork Companies Inc., who specializes in shared work spaces. Continue reading Read More

The Advantages Of FEVE Fluoropolymer Topcoats For Bridges

FEVE fluoropolymer topcoats are a fluorinated polyurethane-type system. This allows the system to contain not only the advantages of the polyurethane bond such as flexibility and strength, but also allowing for longevity and the ability to withstand environmental deterrents such as UV degradation for years and possibly decades, as seen with the fluorinated portion of the system. But, the fluorinated portion of the system allows for the longevity and the ability to withstand environmental deterrents such as UV degradation for years and possibly decades. Continue reading Read More

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